Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The granite they installed was....

Golden Garnet:

We knew it wasn't the St. Cecilia when we first saw it but not sure what it was.  Now they are going to remove all the granite (counter-tops, gourmet island) and install the CORRECT granite.  Hope no damage is done to the cabinets and dry-walls. We are doing our best not to get upset over this as we have been through worse mistakes before this.  As long as they properly repair/correct any mistakes.

Like JandM said, It's a lot of counter space.  Here are some pictures of the kitchen counters from the model home. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

What granite is this?

We stopped by the the house last Friday (supervised visit) to check on the progress.  We noticed the kitchen granite doesn't look right.  We selected Santa Cecilia but what we found does not look like it.
Can you tell what granite this is?

The patterns and characteristics are total different from the Santa Cecilia.  It looks like a darker version of the Wheat granite in our bathroom.  We don't want our kitchen to look like our bathroom!!

Santa Cecilia looks like this (below) and the above granite looks nothing like it.  This picture (Santa Cecilia) is from my neighbor's house in the same community.

We contacted our PM to verify what was installed and still waiting to hear back from him.

Monday, July 1, 2013

"anger will not help your cause"

It's been a while since I read other blogs and it seems like there are quite a few unhappy bloggers dealing with Ryan Homes.  A word of advice is that being angry will not get you anywhere (or in life in general).  You will only stress yourself and others around you (as I was and my poor ...).  We've been there and done that these past few months and have learned much from the experience.  Your goal is to buy your future home which you have already spent so much energy, time and money to get to this point and Ryan Homes' goal is to sell you this home and have a happy customer (= good reputation and build a good relationship for possible future business).  Don't let minor issues ruin your goal of having your dream home.  Simply be nice and they will most likely to see things your way instead of blaming who is at fault.  Remember, you still have another year working with the builder after you move in so best to set a nice mutual relationship now.

Quick update on the house.  It's been a few weeks since last blog and the house is well on it way.
They've installed bricks and working on trims/molding and cabinets last week when I met up with PM's supervisor.  What will they work on this week?  I don't know.  PM is too busy to send out anymore updates to us and we were told not to do anymore unsupervised visits. :(