Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Right and Wrong way of installing foundation beams

(update: repair update Click here

 The correct way vs the WRONG WAY!

I'm not an expert or home inspector but even a common person can see the job they did on my foundation is obviously A disaster waiting to happen. 
 YES I'm going to hire an independent home inspection for Pre-dry wall and final walk.


(Pics taken from another blogger's page)

This is what the steel beam support should look like when installed correctly on the concrete wall.  It fits perfectly with no breaking of wall to make it align correctly.

Notice how the beam is seated centered above the metal plates.  And there are minimal number of plates not 12+ like ours which is too high for any kind of stability.

This is what a banged up sloppy job they did to my foundation.

Breaking of the concrete wall to the right so they can align the beam to the other side. That's a lot of plates stacking way to high.  Stability is a major concern.
Again, too many metal plates and off centered.
They even use inserts to make it even higher!!!
No way this is stable.
I don't think this will support my house.

The beam should sit squarely above the metal plates, NOT TO ONE SIDE.

 Again, breaking of the wall in order to fit the beam.  The guy who frame the wall messed it up big time.  I guess no one knows how to read the blueprint or follow instructions.
It gets better, now they are using wood blocks instead of metal plates to support my house.
PM said it was "temporary", if it's temporary, why the heck they keep building on top of it.
Yes the whole house is pretty much sitting on top of this already.
 More wooden blocks supporting the steel beam which supports the entire house above.

How the heck are they suppose to replace the wood block when my entire house is already sitting on top of it.  If the foundation is moved in any way, it will compromise the whole structure.
 More breaking of the wall to the right so the beam could align.  The metal plates should sit squarely below the beam, NOT TO ONE SIDE.
This entire wall had pieces of concrete broken off where the beam rests on so it would align the steel beam to the other side.
The picture was taken a day before when they started to install the metal beams.  WHY DIDN'T THEY STOP when they realized the wall pockets were off (the pockets were too deep and does not align with pockets on the other wall).

I also have a video of them installing the first beam but left soon after.  The workers had to know they found a problem yet they continued to install it incorrectly and now..........
.......They are almost complete the framing and all that is sitting on top of those support beams.  They are probably putting the roof on it by now.  I'm going to tell them to halt the construction until they can fix the foundation.


They should've stopped on the 1st beam and wait for engineer to make correction and have the necessary material to complete.  My house is literally sitting on wobbly wooden blocks and off center plates.


  1. wow, that is definitely not right. At this point you should seriously consider either 1) take the delay in construction and contact corporate to get this corrected, 2) bring in an outside inspector or contact the county inspector to let them know what is being done so you have documentation of an unsound underlying structure, and/or 3) walking away if RHs doesn't get it's act together. Your SR should be willing to give you the contact information of their district office. You do need to be adamant about getting the contact information or else they will keep "trying to fix it" and in turn keep making it worse.

  2. Sorry for reposting this here (it's a just in case it disappears again)!

    This is your house, and your very hard earned money. Ryan Homes may deal in millions and billions of dollars, but for every one of us, we are pushing ourselves to the limit and providing our life's savings to build these homes. I would not settle for anything other than what is just and built right. If one of the contractors screwed up, it is your PM's responsibility to make it right. Under no condition should you be the one paying for it. I am sorry if I am adding fuel to the fire, but I keep thinking about how those beams are set and think, "If this happens in my house... I am so walking away if it is not properly fixed.." Best of luck to you and all of us.

  3. Wow! Keep on top of them. This should be right and it appears to be a safety issue. I am not sure because I am not a contractor or an engineer, but I am with you. It does not look right and needs to be fixed before an entire house is sitting on top of a steel beam being held up by three small pieces of wood.

  4. I agree...if they don't make it right, then I'd absolutely walk away. You would always know that issue was there and if you ever wanted to sell it down the line, it may not pass an inspection or may cause you more money in the long run in order to sell it. I would not be happy and everyone's phones at Ryan would be blowing up if it were me.

  5. WOW!!! Its clear with your pictures! I agree with others here! As unhappy and stressful this is, to delay or to walk away, I would do everything to make sure it was a safe house for my family.

    The fact that they are not stopping and almost done with framing is even more scarier! I agree with the idea of bringing in a inspector.

    Sorry about this. And all the very best on whatever you decide.

  6. I want to thank you for posting about your issue. We are pouring in the basement walls today, and I sent your blog pictures to our PM and asked him to double check the spaces reserved for the steel beams to make sure it is done right. It is probably done right 99% of the time, but double checking never hurts.

    I hope RH fully addresses your concerns to your satisfaction. I looked up your community today and your houses cost exactly double ours.. We start at 310, but easily reach 350 with basic options, and we are considered the most expensive community in our region. You deserve absolute quality.

    1. The purpose of my blog is to educate/inform/advice buyers like yourself. I'm glad you can use the information to help yourself.

      I'm meeting with the PM's boss and PM today so we'll see what they'll do for fix it.


  7. Cloud... make sure they don't just fill over the wood with concrete. Let the PM's manager know that you will not close on this house in this condition. I don't think I would be happy until they started over. I don't think they can make it structurally sound.


  8. That was quite sloppy and way unprofessional of them to even consider that a proper job. Those would totally haunt you when inspection time comes along. Best make them fix those now rather than have to pay for repairs or fines later on.

    Contractor Express

    1. Arthur,
      They have already fixed the pockets with property tools plus they filled in the pockets with concrete extra support.
      I'm not going to worry about it now, Just looking forward to completing the house and enjoy it.