Monday, June 3, 2013

Even Mother Nature hates us - flood everywhere

We just can't catch a break!!! Water here water there water everywhere. It hurts us to see the pictures below.  Does anyone know if this will have any ill affect on the wood (framing wood, sub-floor, walls etc).  Our house got flooded by last night's storm.  Everything is installed but the shingles so water got inside and each floor (each room) and basement have large pools of water.  The family room has over a inch of pond a fish can swim in.  The HVAC unit is already installed and got wet as well, hope it will not rust or early failure.

#1 concern is molding.  uuuuuuug it hurts.

This is what it looks like from the outside - no shingles!!!

 HVAC unit - it got wet

front door

 Morning room and Famil room

Family room

Family room is the worst since there is no floor above, just an open roof.

Yup each room has it's own swiming pool

basement pools.  I hope it's not coming thru the walls.

Stair Waterfall

 Basement wall


  1. Very very sorry this happened to you. I would recommend getting your realtor involved if you have one (and they are good). My realtor told me about the same scenario that happened to another home owner he represented when building with RH and he said he made sure they dried everything before proceeding (I think they just wanted to carry on without fully drying)..

    It is still their house until you close, and I would be very concerned about long term effects.. We got major rain here as well in northeast Ohio, but we only have the basement concrete walls without drainage.. I am sure it is a swimming pool by now.

  2. Ugh. I remember it pouring in my house and hating every second of it. I hope the weather clears up soon!

  3. I'm so sorry!! We don't break ground until the middle of hurricane season, so I've been worried about this happening to us. I hope it all works out for you. :(

  4. Have a look at this post..

    The part that caught my eye is:
    "There was also a mold remediation company that came in during the framing of the process. Some of our roof truss' had mold on them and they treated that. Our PM said he would give us a copy of the report to have for our files. Hopefully there will never be an issue with mold! "

    1. Nice find. I'll be sure to ask them for a mold inspection on their dime before closing.


  5. So sorry this happened to you... But as Ella mentioned, they do take care of it!! Our PM had mentioned this scenario in our per-construction May is an active season month, he asked us not worry if it rains etc... and said that they will dry everything and take care of any mold that may happen. And about the wood, he said its design for all kinds of weather!

    I would say, please don't worry, BUT do stay on top of things...make sure they are doing what they are suppose to do! Make sure your PM has plans for drying before proceeding further and they have a plan to bring in mold inspectors etc!!Have a conversation with your PM and voice your concerns...its always okay to do that!

    Hope you guys feel better!

  6. I wonder why they installed your HVAC before the shingles??

    That's odd.

    In our community they will cover the roof with plastic until the shingles are on...

    BUT..this isnt the first time this has happened....I am sure they will dry it all out.....I know it sucks, but I bet they have seen this 100X! So I hope that helps out....

  7. Our frame had some water on it, but not this much. The wood is made to withstand some water, at least that is what our PM said. However, I am not sure about these giant puddles of water. I would be on the phone immediately, as I am sure that you are. Your PM and SR may tell you that it is no big deal and it happens during the building process, but I agree with Ella May. You want to know what the long term effects will be. It will more than likely dry during the time being, but there could be other hidden problems like mold in the crevasses. I would call one of those companies that cleans up after floods. They might have some free information.

  8. Wow this stinks, and I totally understand your worry. Here's hoping for a very dry rest of the season. Good luck!

  9. Wow. I'm so sorry you are having a hard time. It will get better soon I hope.

  10. The same thing happened to us. Our PM told us that they would make sure everything was nice and dry before they got the floors down and if the wood buckled at all, they would replace it. Sure enough everything dried up and the wood was fine. Just keep an eye on it and make sure its all dry before any flooring goes down.

  11. this does happen...dont worry they will take care of it! your house should be all dried up in no time...

  12. Man Cloud, you are not having any luck! We had water in the basement and they dried it out quickly with large torpedo heaters. None of our wood was wet, however.

    1. Exactly everything I would feared has come true, It's weird how bad things keep happening to us.

      1)mis-information by SR
      2)months of delays
      3)bad foundation
      4)flood floors w/unknown future reliability
      5)interest rates are up 1% percent since we signed which equals to $200+ more each month in mortgage
      6)anything else?

      just #5 alone Ryan should help with closing due to delays.

    2. and NONE of these are small things! They should be bending over backwards to please you. The little dig from the PM would have me fuming!

      BTW have you been approached about your blog yet? I was told "Ryan reviews everything online" and "Management is watching". It was a borderline scare tactic. I haven't updated the blog in some time but when I do it is going to go over like a fart in church lol