Monday, May 27, 2013

Framing, broken windows and concerns

(update: repair update Click here
Happy Memorial day everyone.  I'm off today so I decided to go check on the house.

Framing has started!!!  They are already working on the 2nd level by the time I got there. 

I feel bad for the workers that they have to work on a holiday so I brought them Popeye's chicken and drinks.  I didn't really talk to them just say "Happy Memorial day" and left. They waved and thanked me.  

Some concerns about the framing, please tell me what you see is normal or I'm just being paranoid.

1) Broken windows - I see this a lot and I know they'll replace it but I'll post it anyway.  They should take better care of building materials.  I think it's a big waste of money.

 2) Gaps- I see so many gaps between floor joists,  wood was cut too short.
should I be worried about these gaps?

3)(most concerned)  Steel beam resting on steel plates and some on WOOD.  Looks like they didn't pour the concrete to the correct height/depth to support the steel beam and also too far to the left so they had to break away some concrete to the right to make it fit.

All the beam support on 1 side of the wall looked like this so it would align with the other side. Also, some of the metal plates have inserts in between and some don't.  It's not consistent, like they simply use whatever is available at the time.  (like the pic below - why the inserts?)  I don't trust my entire house resting on random objects.  Should I be concerned or no?

   They ran out of metal shims so they use WOOD!!!!  This is supporting my 3100 sq ft house?
  4) (most concerned) Breaking away the concrete wall to fit steel beam, Like this on all the walls where the steel beam is resting on.  Those are big holes in the basement walls.

   All the steel beams on this side of the wall require shimming underneath in order to lift the beam up and shift to the right (breaking concrete) to align with the other side of the wall.  The concrete pouring had major errors.

I'm not happy with what I saw.  They are moving too fast and maybe cutting some corners.
I know my PM is really busy but I'll send him an email of those concerns.


  1. Well congratulations that they are moving onto the second floor already. Sorry, I cannot help you on the concrete parts. Although, I too am certain that all of the gaps will be filled around the doors. Our PM went through and checked all of the gaps in the floor joints. They were repaired before the process moved forward. As far as the concrete stuff is concerned, it can never hurt to bring it up to your PM. Let them know that you are concerned and they may address it very quickly. Let's hope!

  2. I would be concerned about all of the above. The PM should be checking these things to his satisfaction and so I'm sure he will have some answers for you. I would certainly be worried about the gaps in the door frame in the basement...looks like a pretty big gap!

  3. Congratualtion on the progress! And it was so nice of you to get drinks etc for the workers. :-)

    We are not there yet, but I would totally be worried about things like this. As Bryan and Angela mentioned, it wouldn't hurt to voice your concerns to the PM. After all, its his job!!

    1. I emailed our PM and he said he'll get back to us after he looks at it. Hmmmm I guess he wasn't there when they were doing the framing. I'm concerned that no one is there to supervise the most important part of the building process.

      Ohh He said I should call him first before going to see the construction because it's not safe. Only time I can go is after work or when workers have left so I don't get in the way.

  4. Hello.. I posted a reply but it seems to have gotten lost in the wild wild wild internet.. Anyway, good thing that you are keeping a close eye on things, because the PM or whoever is getting paid to watch and inspect this construction for your family may not be looking very closely. I would be very concerned about how those beams set and the concrete around them repaired, and the un-leveled vertical pouring of the cements around the door frame. Best of luck, and I am sure the workers appreciate the kind gesture with the food..

  5. I'm not a construction expert by any means, but what i see here just doesn't look right... I am KICKING myself in my ass for not hiring an inspector for things like this... I would get it inspected before it gets covered up with plywood and framing, and have another inspection just before the drywall, I mean, some of those gaps and holes just look so sloppy!!

  6. Thanks Ella,

    I found your post but not sure why it didn't show up......


    Ella May has left a new comment on your post "Framing, broken windows and concerns":

    Either the people who framed for pouring the concrete were idiots, or the ones who are framing afterwards are morons.. Or both are. The steel beam in particular, that should be a major question mark, because if I understand things correctly, concrete gains strength from being poured together at the same time. If you crack some to move a beam then putty some concrete filler together afterwords in the vacant space, it may not be as strong.. Also, from looking at the door frame the concrete around it is most certainly not level (vertically)..

    Obviously they will not tear the walls down and start over, but there seems to be a serious lack of quality control, and a great reason for you to watch closely as they move forward. What does your PM say about all of this?

  7. Darn! That's quite a pain. Those broken window panes must have cost a fortune. Anyway, nice looking house frames. How many days did it take the contractor to finish? Please keep us posted, most especially about those windows.

  8. It was nice of you to bring them food, holiday or no holiday. That being said, they should really be careful with construction supplies, especially fragile ones like windows and frames. Not only is it a waste of resources, it also reflects a sense of shoddiness in their work. And that steel beam really seems like a concern. Did they replace that eventually, or did they leave it as is?

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