Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Finally....Preconstruction meeting....

Finally we can start building

It's been a long 4 months and 22 days since signing our contract with RH.  
Our building permit has finally been released and yesterday we had preconstruction meeting with the PM(and SR).  It was suppose to be a 45min meeting turned into a 3 hour meeting for reasons good and bad.  Bad because we had to correct some errors in our selections.  Good because our PM took his time to explain things to us and make sure exactly how we want our house to be customized. What I meant by customize is locations of our electrical outlets, water bibs, rough-ins and things like that; no non=standard requests :(.   Our PM seems to be a very "by the book" type of person, very calm and organized.  
This can be good and bad.  Good:  We know he'll be very detail oriented therefore less mistakes.  Bad: Can't ask him to do things that's not in the blueprint.  

There were a few things that I was disappointed with during the meeting.

1)We wanted to extend our basement bathroom all the way to the wall (about 3 ft) and  make use of the empty space but our PM  has to build it by the blueprint.  GRRRRR.  This should be fairly easy and simple to do.
I don't mind paying for the extra 15 pieces of ceramic tiles on the floor and labor.  I'm going to nag him again about it. 
 2)The sink upgrade never made it the original selection sheet and our SR have no record of us talking about the sink upgrade.  We wanted a single sink, not the standard 50/50 because we find it more useful when washing large items like pots, pans, wok, etc.  It was one of the first upgrade we mentioned to our SR and she has no recollection of any of it.  We were told it's too late to make any changes.  grrrrrrrrrr

3)We just found out the recessed lights above the fireplace are not eyeball lights, they're just regular recessed lights like the rest of the house.  The one on the left if preferred for the fireplace and that's what we thought we were getting.  All the pictures we looked at have the eyeball lights.  GRRRRRRRRR so frustrated with these little things.
These folks have eyeball lights above their fireplace:

4)I wanted to change the chandelier in dining room and foyer hanging light color from Bronze to a lighter color Sea-brook and our SR also turn that down.   These are very minor request and yet they can't even make it happen.  
What happened to customer service, satisfaction and accommodation?  I'm paying for a home (a very expensive one at that),  I'll remember this come survey time.

See next post of our questions to the PM and his answers.


  1. That is really frustrating, I'm sorry :(

  2. I'm really surprised about the eyeball lights. I didn't know they were regular recessed lights. That kinds sucks! Sorry some things aren't as you expected.

  3. Congrats on the permits and finally having your pre-construction meeting. Sorry to hear some things didn't turn out as expected. On our price sheet also just says "two recessed lights (any location)" so they might have just done regular recessed lights if we had a fireplace and lights. Maybe you can do rough-ins and install the lights you want yourself?

  4. Finally they are starting! Anything not in the blueprints is going to get turned down because as it was explained to us, the house is basically lego blocks that are cut at the Ryan factory and delivered for the workers to assemble. They even mark the frames with ID numbers.

  5. We have our preconstruction meeting this Wednesday. Thanks for blogging! Your information has been so helpful!