Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Building our 1st NEW home

Building our 1st NEW home

Shakespeare by Ryan Homes

Hello RH community,
For the past several weeks I've been following many blogs here and enjoyed reading and learning from all.  We have no previous experience about building a new house but learned much after reading blogs here.  We have no idea how much work is involved; negotiation, picking lot, picking options and materials, inspections, etc..... but I'm sure it'll be all worth it at the end.

My first house was purchased in 2007, at the peak of the housing market and it's market value tanked since day 1 after purchase.  Many of you can probably relate to that but fortunately I was lucky enough to be able to keep up (with payments) and didn't walk away, otherwise purchasing the Shakespeare would not be possible.   We are very excited about the new house and hopefully it will turn out the way we envisioned. 


  1. Thanks for following our blog and the insightful comments! I just added yours to my list, going old school and typing in your URL. RickandNadase let me know about the followers widget to streamline this process. You should check out their site (ricknadase.blogspot.com). They have tons of info (I can't remember if they built in MD or VA) and links to other helpful blogs. Are you building in Clarksburg (only RH community offering this model in MD)? My cousin is building a neo-traditional there and raved about the community (2 clubhouses, parks, walking trails, the planned shopping center). We only ruled it out because we wanted to keep our short commutes. I look forward to reading your current and future posts!

    1. Does your cousin have a blog? We would love to hear about their experience.

  2. Thanks for the widget tip. Yes we are building in the Clarksburg community. It's one of the larger communities in the area with about 1k to 2k new homes (guessing). We will have our own shopping centers and schools in the community and direct access to I270.
    We just hope it will not get too crowded as I270 is already a heavily congested in morning and afternoon commutes. I'm looking forward to read your postings as well. Right now We don't have much to post since we are still waiting for building permits to start. It's been about 75 days now.